Ken Stone,

B.A., B.Ed., M.A.








Ken Stone has been a leader of the anti-racist movement in Hamilton for three decades, having been a member of the Mayor’s Committee Against Racism and Discrimination for about ten years and chair of its Mediation Subcommittee for three. Ken was in the forefront of many local, anti-racist campaigns including the successful fight for equality for East Indian cab drivers at Yellow Cabs; justice for Tilley Johnson, Hamilton’s first black stallholder at the historic Hamilton Market; the Rob Gentles Action Committee, which sought prosecution of the Kingston Prison guards responsible for the untimely death of a young black man from Hamilton; Hamilton Grape Boycott Week, an event to show solidarity with the Chicano farmworkers of California; the successful removal from provincial politics of Oakville Liberal MP John Sola, who had called on national television for the death of all Serbs; and the sanctions campaign in Hamilton which helped to end the apartheid regime in South Africa. Ken was also a director of the Social Planning and Research Council and member of its race relations committee. He chaired for a number of years the Human Rights Committee of the Hamilton and District Labour Council and initiated the first ever survey of racial compositions of trade union executive bodies in Canada. Ken was a founding member of the Community Coalition Against Racism in 1989 and was a candidate for alderman for Ward 6 in the 1988 municipal election. He is currently a teacher.

Ken learned about the evils of racism from his Jewish family, at least seventy members of which perished during the Nazi genocide in Europe.

Ken believes that basic changes need to be made to Canadian society in order completely to rid it of its deeply-imbedded racist and religious bias. In the meantime, people of all communities must come together to fight any incidents of racism that threaten anyone of any colour and of any faith.

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